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Welcome to Kanins International

Kanins International is the market leader in supply of copper sulphate for the feed, fertilizer and pesticide industries. Our success lies in our strategic supply partnerships, a global network of suppliers leading in innovation and research. Through our long term relationships and reciprocal investments we offer unsurpassed quality and consistency. With our partnership with Solomon’s Copper Australia, we offer copper sulphate pentahydrate, with innovative technology allowing for material with below detectable levels of heavy metals and superior free flow characteristics, even after long term storage. With our partner Boric Chemicals Hong Kong, we supply a range of high quality complementary minerals, primarily sourced from China. We offer products that pass our strict audit and quality controls and have a strong emphasis on safety, acknowledging that our due diligence is paramount to our customers’ success.

Our people are technically proficient and are experts in providing creative solutions and personal attention.


We take a long term view on ethical sourcing and support practices to continually improve quality for the industry.

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Copper sulphate

Kanins supplies our own branded material, you know the source and trust the safety of the product.

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